How to Prepare Your Clients for a Home Inspection

Proper planning for the home inspection by the buyer and seller allows the real estate transaction to go smoothly. We recommend this checklist when advising your clients of the home inspection.

• Allow two to three hours for a complete home inspection.

• The buyer should accompany the home inspector for the best education.

• Contact the property owner regarding the date, time, and estimated duration of the home inspection. Also, make sure the security system is deactivated.

• Ensure that the home inspector receives the buyer's full name, address and phone number if

unable to attend the inspection.

• Provide the home inspector with the property's address and directions.

• Please contact the home inspector at least twenty-four hours before the inspection if the

appointment needs to be cancelled or postponed. With today's hectic schedules, rescheduled appointments are inevitable.

• Make sure all of the property's systems (i.e. gas, electric, water, oil) are turned on for the home


• Inform the owner that all appliances, equipment, and systems will be inspected and returned to the condition in which they were found.

• Access and keys and codes must be available for all property, such as the doors, garage, closets, attic, etc.

• The owner should move items that block access to the furnace, boiler, hot-water heater, attic, crawl space, foundation, access panels, electric service panel, water meter, etc.

• It is helpful to have all tubs, sinks, and basins emptied.

• The inspection report is provided to the buyer after the inspection. The buyer should note if he/she would like the report shared with your real estate agent or other parties.

• Payment is always due upon completion of the inspection.

Please call or contact me if you or your clients have any home inspection-related questions or suggestions.