BACTERIA - Test evaluates for coliform bacteria which are widely distributed in the
environment in soil, surface waters, on plants, on animals and a particular type of
coliform - "FECAL COLIFORM" or "E COLI" is found in very large numbers in the
feces of warm blooded animals. When coliform is present, it means well water has been
exposed to one or more of these sources.
Test Results: 5 to 7 Days

LEAD - Exposure to lead in water, either brief or prolonged, can seriously injure health.
Lead accumulates in bones. Children, infants, and fetuses are especially vulnerable to
lead. Health effects include reduced mental capacity, interference with kidney and
 neurological functions and hearing loss. Water may be contaminated by lead from rocks
and soil, lead pipes, lead in solder, water pump fittings, discarded lead batteries, landfills,
and hazardous waste sites.
Test Results: 10 to 14 Days

NITRATE - Many commercial fertilizers contain nitrogen in the form of nitrates.

Excess nitrate can leach into ground water supplies and contaminate wells. Because

nitrate is converted to a very toxic substance (nitrite) in the digestive system of human

infants and some livestock, nitrate-contaminated water is a serious problem. People

living near agricultural areas or farmland should be especially concerned. Drinking

water containing excessive amounts of nitrate can cause infant cyanosis or blue baby

syndrome. The nitrate standard is established to protect infants less than a year old.

Pregnant women should also avoid water above this standard.

Test Results: 5 to 7 Days

FHA/VA Test: Bacteria, Lead, Nitrate-Nitrite